Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during the cake smash session?

A.During your cake smash session you will be greeted at the studio entrance. We will begin in your cake smash outfit taking before clean portraits with various props and poses. We will then transition into the cake smash portion of your session taking photos of your little ones reactions to their cake. Once your babe has had enough of their cake (approximately 15 mins) we will move into the bath portion of your session. Where they will be able to splash around and get somewhat cleaned up before heading home from their session.

What happens if my little one doesn't like the cake?

A.Some babies love cake and some do not. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to try and get babies playing in their cake one way or another but from time to time there is a little one that is totally against it and not a fan. Be open minded that documenting your little ones cake smash might be documenting that they hated their cake. It tells a story and makes for fun memories none the less. Don't fret though if they hate cake they usually smile and love clean before pics and definitely splashing in their bath. The different photo opportunities help to make for fun photos.

How messy will things get?

A.Cake smashes are messy activities. Imagine babies crawling away, running, walking, towards you all goopy grabbing at your hair or shirt. haha It is messy business. Dress to get dirty and bring a change of clothes and socks for yourself. You may need them if you plan to go anywhere following your session. It is appreciated if you do your best to keep your little one on the cake smash set so they do not get icing and cake all throughout the studio or on other delicate props in the studio.

Can I bring family & siblings?

A.During a cake smash session having extra bystanders and siblings to watch can sound like a fun idea but in reality it isn't. It ends up interfering greatly with the turnout of your images. It is recommended that siblings and extra people stay home. Babies tend to look to familiar bystanders rather than interacting with me and looking at the camera for the shots you want me to capture. I work hard for eye contact and fun poses with your child and the more people present during the session the harder it is to get them to participate and interact with the camera for your photos. You won't want them looking to the left in all the shots, trust me! Too many people encouraging them to smile and participate can be overwhelming as well and they often don't know where to look.

It is so hard for siblings of any age to watch their baby sibling enjoy an entire cake to themselves a few feet away as well. As of mom of 3 I know all to well the sibling rivalry is real. Even older children get upset causing frustration for parents and reducing the shots and fun poses we were able to capture during the session. Some even run into the shots and try and have cake which causes missed moments. I strongly recommend to keep it simple for the best and cutest turn out from your cake smash session, let's just focus on birthday baby!

My goal during every session is to turn the cake into a messy pile on the floor for super fun photos so don't promise anyone left over cake, most likely there will not be any.

Why should I offer cake prior to my session?

A.It is a good idea to offer cake to your little one prior to their cake smash session. Babies that have tried sweets before tend to do better and have more fun in their cake opposed to babies that have never had anything with sugar before. Being in a new space can be tough for some especially since covid let alone trying a new food in front of a bright light and camera. For allergies sake as well its a great idea just to make sure that they don't have any negative reactions during your session. All smash cakes are vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing. Give them a cupcake and let them practice. It's a great idea to include bystanders and siblings in the first taste at home without bringing them to the studio as well. You will be glad you did.

Can I take pictures with my cell phone during the session?

A.It is okay if you wish to take behind the scenes shots or videos of your little one during their session. It is appreciated if you share the love and tag my Facebook page or instagram in your posts when you share the though. I'd love to see them too!

Can we do family photos during the cake smash too?

A.These sessions are for 1 child only. Due to the nature of cake smash sessions and the amount of performing that they have to do during the shoot family and sibling images are not offered during cake smash sessions. It is best to focus on one thing at a time as babies have pretty short attention spans and we want to make sure we get the cute cake smash photos that you are booking me for.

How long will it take to get my images?

A.You will get your gallery within 2-4 weeks from the time of your session. Turnaround times are estimates and may fluctuate based on life and how busy I am. If you need an image or two back by a certain date please disclose at booking and I will do my best to get you a cute shot if the whole gallery will not be ready in time. Every effort will be made to meet your expectations however sometimes things do pop up with my family and children which I have to give my attention to first.
If you wish to have your gallery back promptly you may pay my rush fee of $100+hst and I can have your gallery to you in a week.

Is it possible to book my child's session closer to their birthday?

A.Yes! If you would like to have your session done closer to your little's birthday we can totally do that, your images just will not be completed and returned in time. I can send you 1 teaser to have to post and share or print while you wait for the rest of the gallery to be completed within the ideal time frame. Or you can pay an additional rush fee of $100+hst and I can have your gallery back to you in one week.