Welcome to the Studio. Located in Oshawa, Ontario, near the lake about 5 minutes from highway 401. It is my favourite place in my entire house and my own little oasis where I can do what I absolutely love to do and create.

When you arrive to the studio you will enter through the side door of the house, and down a flight of stairs into the basement. If stairs are an issue and you need accessibility please let me know and we can plan for me to come to you or to an alternate more accessible location.

In the studio you will be greeted with a variety of beautifully handcrafted props chosen from high quality vendors to compliment your session. I have been building my prop collection for over 9 years and continue to add things all the time. I have so many unique and beautiful pieces that I am sure you are bound to love. Perfect for newborn sessions, sitter sessions, cake smash sessions and maternity sessions. Every session is customized to your colour and style preferences. I offer whites and neutral tones, or all sorts of colours. The choice is yours!

The studio is also equipped with its own private bathroom which can be used for dressing as well as a baby changing station for babies and toddlers. You can also find lots of purrell sanitizer around.

It's the perfect space that has everything you could need to create beautiful works of art of your baby, children and family.

Hey there, I'm Samantha! The creative eye and photographer behind Samantha Mac Photography! I have been capturing families within Durham Region & the GTA since 2013. Located in Oshawa, Ontario, about 5 minutes away from the 401 you will find my home studio next to the lake. I capture just about everything family related, maternity, newborn, sitter sessions, cake smashes, family sessions and a small amount of low key weddings each year.

I shoot with a Canan R6 Mirrorless full frame camera. Some of my favourite lenses I use to achieve my vision are 35mm, 50mm and 70-200mm. My photographic style has a mix of perspectives, I enjoy fleeting moments, the real, unposed, as they are candids while also adding a bit of those posed shots in the mix. I know we all love a good smiling shot if we can get it! I am your girl I will work to get it for you. Capturing your families true emotion, laughter and connection is my joy.

A mom of 3 with two older boys (10 & 8 years) and a little girl (1 year) I am super patient, skilled, confident and ready to meet the challenge of any temperament. I let the kiddos take the lead and go with their flow, I get down on their level and we have as much fun as we can. No need to stress, sometimes kids just being themselves makes for the best portraits. It tells a great story when looking back.

I'm also a wife. I have been with my husband for 12 years and married for just about 9. After having my first son I dropped out of my social working program to pursue my dream of photography. As an artistic person I felt that my passion was not in anything other than a career in which I could create. I needed something fresh and different and always changing and thus lept into photography. I absolutely love what I do and can't believe most days that this is my job. To be challenged daily with capturing priceless shots of my client's children, create amazing sets for cake smash sessions that make your images stand out are only some of the reasons this job is for me. I put my heart and soul into everything I take on and have worked with hundreds of families and children throughout the years many of which keep coming back for more!

I have loved photography since as long as I can remember.  I've always loved to get lost in a time warp of memories looking through albums. Coming from a broken home and losing all my childhood memories of that time of my life to unfortunate circumstances I have been drawn to capture everything ever since. Life experiences have hit my heart deeply about the importance of capturing life and its really impacted the way I see things when I'm behind the camera. Preserving your life in beautifully captured portraits is my number one goal and with my family, my passion for art, and my past as my driving force for my why you can bet that the photographs I document for you will be spectacular and worth remembering. My entire heart is driving the shutter during all of my sessions. I am viewing your family and your children as if they were my own and making sure I get the moments I would want to look back on if they were mine, for you.

I know all too well that time goes faster than we realize and freezing all the little moments in between is so important. Watching my kids grow so fast I know there is nothing more valuable once time has gone by than a memory. You can often catch me already looking back through all the memories of them, I have 4 huge hard drives filled with probably over 30k digital images (maybe a bit overkill) but one day my photos will be what keeps my heart happy while my children are out into the world and when my memory fades the memories will still live on in the art that I've captured. A legacy I will leave my children to remember our life together. No greater gift if you ask me! A gift I would be honoured to document and give to your family too!


The husband. Hardest working man I know. Super supportive in any way he can be even when his cup is empty. Loves to be goofy and tells dad jokes. Amazing help behind the scenes with set up/ clean up/ office tasks and assists the odd time with seconding wedding events. Also enjoys capturing nature/ street photography as a side hobby.

My husband is my biggest supporter, my shoulder to lean on, my comedic relief, and my best friend. He is the driving force that keeps me going.


The oldest son. Strong silent type. Loves video games more than anything. Super reliable and helpful with just about any request. The best biggest brother, always there to look out and lend a hand to his younger siblings. Also loves to play pranks.


The middle child. Pretty much the typical definition of the middle child. The jokester, full of wit and unexpected hilarious comments about just about anything. Also loves to get into trouble. Also really enjoys being a big brother and playing with his little sister.


The baby. Super happy and easy going. Loves to be the center of attention.. She loves to dance, sing, and play just about anything with her brothers. Also loves to snuggle. She is the little star of our family and she knows it. She adds pizzaz to our crew.